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Making the musician feel comfortable on stage is always the basis on which i rely to built up a clear and warm mix. Even challenging venues have their custom way of reinforcing sound for the audience.


Either recording a live concert or working in a studio environment. The post-processing is done according to industry standards and takes itself behind the music.


While studying electrical engineering and acoustics at the RWTH Aachen, i gain an in-depth understanding of the beautiful maths and physics behind the phenomena of sound and signal theory.

Nils Rummler

The ears should always be the final judgement when evaluating audio-related tasks. My musical mentors, conductors and fellow audio professionals state this since years and it became part of my workflow.


  • Providing a suitable technical setup for the venue and artists
  • Music, Speech, Conference and trade shows
  • Providing broadcast ready audio for livestreams


  • Live recording during the concert or stand-alone production in a studio environment.
  • Postproduction according to your budget and the favored media

Acoustical and Technical Consulting

  • Measurement and documentation of room acoustic parameters
  • development of solutions within the limits of budget and fitting the purpose of the room

If you’re interested in more references, especially of Pop & Jazz music, just contact me!

Jazzrock (live recording)
Organ (studio)
Cello + Grand Piano (Studio, Vinyl)
Brass sextet (studio)

Live Recordings i’ve made with the RWTH Aachen BigBand
Playlist with music videos or live events I’ve contributed to, together with the great crew from sofar aachen!
Playlist with festivals and other concerts i’ve been doing livesound


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